The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a 'hands-off, hands-on' treatment.  The Therapist uses his/her thumbs or fingers on particular points on the body and makes a rolling type action.  This is performed over the soft tissue - tendons, muscles, ligaments the therapist then leaves the room for the response to take effect then returning after a small break to continue the treatment.


The treatment can be recieved through light clothing. 

When a therapist makes a Bowen move in a particular area, the brain needs to then ask certain questions of the body in an attempt to establish what action it needs to take.  By leaving the room the client can do so in a relaxed manner without feeling someone is watching them.  This allows the brain to begin the process of healing and recovery, as all functions are ultimately controlled by the brain.

Most structural and muscular problems can be treated by the Bowen Technique, such as neck and back pain, shoulder restrictions and general aches and pains which can effect our daily lives.  


This system can also be used for less obvious problems such as ME, MS, hayfever, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, asthma, migraine, constipation, eczema and many other conditions. This is not a list that defines diseases that it treats, but more an example of the conditions that can, and do respond positively to the Bowen treatment.


An initial treatment can take approximately 1hour and a full case history must be recorded before treatment can commence.

This is at a cost of £40.00.


Follow-up treatments take approx 45 mins-1 hour at a cost of £40.00

(Home visits are available by arrangement)


After a treatment clients can feel tried, stiff or even unwell, this is a normal reaction.  It is a sign the brain is pushing the body to a place where it can work with the new information it has been given.