Angelic Reiki and Training








They last approximately 3/4-1hour, you provide a case history and we agree on what would be the focus of the treatment.

This does not replace any treatment which is supplied by the doctor but can work alongside any therapeutic work which you are receiving.


This work can also be carried out long-distance as long as a name address and telephone number is provided.


Consent must be given by the client.


A consultation and treatment is £25

During the session the practitioner is just a channel, a bridge whereby the Angelic Kingdom is passed to the patient.  Every healing is perfect for the patient in it's concept and transmission.  As has been proven, we all have an Electromagnetic field within and around us.  When this electromagnetic field becomes blocked it can cause the energy meridians to shutdown or shift in a way that creates symptoms on a physical level.  Angelic Reiki as like other energy systems can rebalance and re-address these blockages thereby bringing the physical system back into stability.  The energy from this system is very powerful as has been demonstrated on numerous occassions with a variety of clients presenting with different problems. 


Example, 81 year old lady presenting with extreme water retention in both legs;- The treatment lasted approx 3/4 hour, using the energy to clear blockages on an emotional level and assisting the Kidneys to return to normal function.  Within 5 hours her son had reported a significant reduction in swelling and inflammation of the skin.

What is Energy Work???


How does it work?  What a load of rubbish?  No such thing? How can it help?


Well according to Quantum Physics there is an energy mass that affects every molecule of a substance whether living or not......


What we are talking about with any vibrational energy is something which the naked eye cannot see.  You cannot see electricity until you put the light on, then you know it is there.  The energy dimension is so subtle with a light and quick vibration, that it can take years to detect with the human senses, but it is present in a dimension of consciousness. 


A definition of 'dimension of consciousness', is that it is a realm of the unseen worlds that we humans can identify and experience through qualities, characteristics, or traits.  For example, the dream state is a dimension of consciousness containing different levels of sleep activity that humans can identify and experience.  Other dimensions of consciousness can be identified as different 'regions' of the mind - the conscious and subconscious, the zone of memory, areas of musical or mathematical abilities - and areas of the brain that govern our physical capabilities.  Still other dimensions of consciousness are the different states of relaxation that are measurable by brain activity.  What all these dimensions of consciousness have in common is that, although they are unseen, we know they exist!!